New Update

NOP would like to present High Density Inks series 
that is very thick plastisol inks formulates to produce thick,
3-D ink films with sharp edges when printed through very thick stencils.835 Hgh Density Base is very opaque,
has exceptional film strength that resists cracking and has a soft finish.
838 Super Clear High Density Base is to be used as a very clear gel 
finish with glossy finish.Produce amazing 3D results.
This picture was printed by mixing between 835 & 838 through mesh no.100

NOP would like to present Glow In Dark that is a plastisol mixed with phosphorescent powder.
While absorbing light for a period of time,glow effect can be easily seen in the dark.
Light yellowish green is its original paste form by day and start glowing at night.

NOP4630 would like to present Excalibur's Solar Change Series 
that are four colours ,’colourless under normal, indoor light but quickly change into bright, 
vibrant colours when subjected to any ultra-violet light source like sunlight, 
or even black light. The new and improved formulations change colour faster 
and retain the vibrant colour longer than previous versions#Thank you for NSG


NOP would like to offer G-pro testing
 that underbase with essential clear 80% + essential white 20% + pigment 5% + Xlinker JF 4 %.
The testing results as the picture.

NOP 4630 offer foil printing with water base ink foil adhesive
1.Use 100 t/inch mesh
2.Print at least 2 coats of the ink before foiling process.The ink must be thick enough 
to achieve a good foil surface.Dry the first coat before applying the second.
3.Heat press the foil to the print area,where is dried to the touch,by 160 c,15 sec
4.Remove pressed foil while it is complete cooled off
5.Wash after 24 hours


 Water Based Retroflec (5700) is highly reflective water-based ink for safety and fashion wear 
that is available in silver and white. Reflective white can be used as is, on top of colors, 
or pigmented to create dazzling reflective colors.
1.Aqua Pro-Retroflec reflective ink, print/flash/print through 110 mesh (43T)
2.Using a conveyor dryer, bring imprint to a cured state 320F (160)
Remark: To ensure maximum washfastness Add2% aquafix water based fixative.

This design printed with elastic DP 4000 of water based by Gozde Emprime.
The Water-based elastic DP has been printed 
in favorite emprime with 4000 
that is excellent washing fastness,elasticity,coverage,soft and silky touchness 
and complies with ecologic standards# inkuin inks

NOP4630 would like to present combination printing 

between discharge white(water based ink)and puff effect(plastisol ink).


Glow in the dark 
• High power of glowing for long period of time while absorbing enough light
• APEO, Lead free formulation 
• Non-tacking
• No harmful or distracting odors in the work place
• Use 80-120 t/inch mesh(32-47 t/cm)
• Cure @ 150 c,1.5 min

RB series shining pastes 

that was produced by Inkuin ,are fully prepared and ready to use.

Easy and comfortable application for printing of shiny effects.

It is applied directly over dark colored fabrics therefore has a shiny effect.

It complies with ecologic standards.

Here's how to check the stability of your garment:

1.Smear your polyester garment with the gel clear
2.Place the white piece of cotton fabric on top the gel clear
3.Place in your heat press under medium pressure for 15 sec at 350 F
4.Remove.After fabric has cooled peel the white piece of fabric 
from the gel and inspect for dye stain. If the stain look like the left 

or middle examples in the picture below print with SportPro.SportPro's 

290 F cure temperature is well below the temperature that causes polyester 

to dyes migrate.However,if it looks like the example to the right,

this represents how a poorly dye garment might react to heat 

and most likely a grey dye blocker such as 1596 SportPro Defender 

will be necessary to underbase your color.

835 is high density base can be used for color mixing as is.
When 835 high density base is cured it has a opaque matte finish.
Mesh no should use from 83-135 line/inch and print at least 10- 15 rounds 
with stencil whose thickness is about 200-300 microns.
Produce amazing 3D results as pictures.

Foil looking effect by direct on fabric.G-pro is golden look , 
S-pro is silver look and M-pro is a mixing color base which creates 
color foil look by adding color pigment.